We accept several forms of aluminium including radiators, castings, cast aluminium and much more, for a free quote for your unwanted scrap please visit our site. 

D & W buy all grades of lead including lead strips, soft lead and battery lead. We pay the best prices throughout the West Midlands. 

Brass is a very sustainable metal, and great for reuse. We accept brass wire, bronze turnings, refined brass and again many other forms...

We accept several forms of copper including heavy copper, copper tanks, 98% copper, copper granules and much much more...

Copper Cylinders

We aim to decrease the amount of batteries thrown away with general waste, this is due to their negative effects on the environment. We recycle all batteries in an aim to help the environment. 

Plumbers and trades people that weigh in with us get competitive prices for the copper cylinders.

Cables contain several types of different metals, which gives them a high value for recycling. We accept household cable, tinned copper cable, data cable and many other forms of cable.

Steel is the most recycled metal in the world, this is due to its strong durability you can recycle and reuse it over and over again. We buy all forms of steel at our site located in West Midlands.